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Blogging is something I’ve thought about doing for a while and I knew I wanted to start a blog that is different to every other blog out there. But the problem is, will anyone find it interesting and what’s the point?

When blogging first came around, it seemed to be an online diary, describing monotonous things we do everyday. Like, “today I woke up a bit late, watched TV, thought about tidying up last night’s mess but decided to check social media instead”. (Which is totally not what I’m doing right now…) Who wants to read that?

It is and it isn’t a diary. The beauty of blogging is that it can be about whatever you want it to be about.

What I thought of was ‘what do I like?’ and ‘what do I know?’…

I like fashion. I like the art and business behind fashion. I like making my own clothes. I like luxury pieces. More importantly, I like luxury pieces and hunting them down for the best price. And I know how to do it. So why not share that?

The beauty of blogging is that it can be about whatever you want it to be about - image quote

So, why now? Here’s why have I finally decided to start a blog and maybe why you should too:

  1. Turn a hobby into productivity

    I am fantastic at shopping. It might not be something to be proud of… but I’ve been told I’m good at it ;). So, by starting this blog, at least I can turn what is a bit of an addiction into something productive that has a purpose other than just filling out some wardrobes.

  2. It sets a goal

    Having a blog gives you a project to set your mind to. As much as I hated the pressure at university, I loved researching a topic and writing an essay. It gives you a sense of pride and achievement when you see your work come together at the end of a project and blogging has re-ignited my motivation I had back at uni.

  3. Make friends and build a community

    It was daunting when I published my first ever post. But, what I quickly found was that there were a lot of bloggers I’ve met through Twitter and Facebook conversations that are really supportive. You start building a rapport and becoming online friends with others who have similar interests to you. I’d like to mention two of these bloggers whose blogs I love: loubisandleggings.com and esejanta.co.uk

    Photo blogging outside with a glass of prosecco

  4. Learn new skills and put it into practice

    Especially if you’re self-hosting a website, you’ll gain digital acumen that can be useful outside of blogging. You’ll also get to put this into practice with your blog. Working in social media, I have learnt a few things from my job that come in handy promoting my blog. This leads to my next point:

  5. It looks great to employers

    In an online world, everything we do online matters. Whether or not you’re actively looking for a job, a blog could open up new opportunities for you.Having an online presence is a valuable thing when it comes to your career – whatever area that may be. You can showcase your written communication skills and give an insight into your personality before you’ve even got to an interview stage.

    Employers often hire someone after seeing something positive on a candidate’s social media platform because ‘the employer got a good feel for the candidate’s personality’ and their ‘profile showed that the job seeker is creative, well-rounded, or has great communication skills’. Here are some fun stats:

    32% of recruiters have found material online that’s contributed to the decision to hire someone, yet 41% of companies say a lack of online information about a job candidate makes them less likely to even consider that person for an interview

  6. Inspire and help your readers

    If you have a lot experience in something, share what you know – it could help someone out

  7. Make a bit of money

    Lastly, if you do it right, then yes, you can earn some money from your blog. It may not be a lot in the beginning, but it’s nice to get a little return on your hard work.

If you have a blog, what are the benefits of having one for you? If not, have you thought of starting one? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Humbled. WOW! Thank you so much for mentioning lil ol Loubis & Leggings!! It’s been so amazing getting to know you and have a fellow blogger friend, especially one who is so supportive. I am buzzing now ☺️☺️☺️

    1. My pleasure, lovely! Your blog is definitely worth mentioning, it’s just
      Thank you so much, I’m so so glad you liked it! Here’s to blogging!!

  2. Awwww this is such an honour Hun.. absolutely superb post.. I’m Glad to also have a blogger friend in you who is equally supportive and brilliant.. lovely post Hun x thank you beautiful

  3. I loved reading this post. It’s so nice to see people encouraging others to give blogging a try. Also, your photos are gorgeous!

    – Chloe

    1. Thank you Chloe! It’s daunting when you first start, so I thought I would share why I decided to bite the bullet.
      It helps the photos having such nice weather recently 🙂 xx

    1. Thanks, glad you thought it was informative!
      Yes please do 🙂 we could start a ‘why start a blog?’ tag! Let me know if you do write one and link it up here!

  4. I started blogging on YouTube because I found it very interesting to watch others videos about their daily adventures or traveling adventures, I did YouTube because I felt like it was easier since I’m not the best writer, I tried WordPress But quickly gave that up because first I switched phones and once I get my new phone I didn’t think about downloading it and secondly like I said before I’m not the best writer and I feel like I get my words across better by talking
    I read above that you make your own clothing, that’s pretty cool… I’ve been looking for people to collaborate with since I’m still new and I’m not able to work with big businesses as of yet.
    So if you know any small businesses in Illinois or the United States please let me know… By the way I also love shopping so you’re not alone with that one LOL

    1. That’s awesome, how long ago did you start YouTube? I’ve been wanting to try it out – but I may be a little nervous still.
      I know what you mean, sometimes it’s easier to say what you mean when speaking aloud. Certainly, I will let know if I come across anything online – I’m based in the UK so I’ll have to do the digging on the internet. What sort of collaborations are you looking to do?
      Yep – guilty, we all love a bit of shopping!

  5. Loved reading this post. Blogging is such an amazing thing and I’m so glad I started! I always try to set goals with my blog that way I stay motivated and it gives me something to work towards! I also agree it could look great to employers, such an amazing thing to have to be able to show and talk about!

    Tiffany x http://www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

    1. You’re right, it’s good to set out goals and it feels great to see it when it’s all finished. Thanks Tiffany! xx

    1. Ah, I’m so glad! That’s great, I think the hardest bit is starting, isn’t it?
      Thanks I will check it out! x

  6. So glad you’ve started your blog. Blogging is such a great thing to do and I’m so thankful I started mine! Hope you enjoy your blogging journey!

    Harriet xxx

  7. You have a lovely blog, Hannah. Good luck with it 🙂 I would say that my fave things about having a blog is that it makes me enough money to be able to stay at home and look after my children, and I’ve met SO many lovely new friends through the blogging community. I really hope you’ll become one of them too.

    Louise x

    1. Thank so much Louise 🙂 really kind!
      That’s amazing that earn from your blog so you can stay at home to spend more time with your children!
      Thanks, that means a lot to me, I hope so too 🙂 xx

  8. This is a lovely post that you share. You can check out merlinebeautyblog.com where I also share blog tips and more. Keep up the good work

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