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How to lift your spirits in the winter: simple self-care tips

Posted on 3

5 simple ways to beat the winter blues *This post is kindly sponsored by L’Occitane (which I’m so excited about!). …

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Five things that MEMES taught us in 2017

Lessons from memes to take into 2018 2017: it’s been an interesting one. It’s been a great year for some reasons and terrible one for a lot of reasons. But one …

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Be kind this Christmas: this one gift will help the homeless

Posted on 0

How you can easily help the homeless this Christmas by buying a £10 calendar ‘It’s the most wonderful time of year’ as it’s famously sung. For others, though, Christmas can be …

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Why a red lip is more than just makeup | History of red lipstick

I’m excited about this one, as it’s a collaboration with the gorgeous Siyana! This is our red lipstick collab, so make sure you check out her post here! Red lipstick is …

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Why are we ALWAYS so busy? Even when we’re not?

Posted on 1

Millennial ‘busy-ness’ We’re busy. All. The. Time. Even when we’re not busy. If that makes any sense to you, then you’re certainly experiencing the same phenomenon as me. These days, being …

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