About Me


I’m Hannah and I decided to start a blog because I’ve always loved undertaking little projects, like writing, drawing, making films… so this is the perfect creative outlet which can combine some of these things.

Amongst friends and family, I’m known for shopping… A fairly substantial amount. But, searching for a good bargain on luxury clothes and accessories is a challenge I don’t take lightly! So, I thought I’d share my finds for others to profit from. Stick around for my ‘Lux for Less’ series – coming soon!

A couple of years ago I started designing and sewing my own clothes; for anyone who claims to like fashion, learning or understanding the art of dressmaking brings a whole new appreciation and respect for it.

Having lived abroad in Madrid, Spain and Rennes, France for a year, I might share some of my travel experience too.

Below are just a few examples of some my creations!
Hannah Victoria Gladwin

Dressmaking and Drawing