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Hi! I'm Hannah, 

I started this blog for many reasons.

One of them is that I don't just want to talk about putting nice outfits together... So, if you want to know why certain trends existwhat the business and the history behind our clothes are, then stay tuned.

What to expect on this blog

Behind the Fashion: A look into the business and history of fashion and trends

Style Inspiration: Designer style on the high-street

Blogging: My journey as a new blogger

About me (briefly)

I work in Digital Marketing and spend a good amount of time on social media. 

I like cats, CHANEL, Harry Potter and cocktails. AND any cocktails themed on any of the above. Not necessarily in that order. Find out more here and here.

Thanks for stopping by!
Hannah wearing a Tommy Hilfiger jumper with a bright blue skirt

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